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Pommes Darphin 7

French potato pancake, rhubarb ketchup (vg, gf)


BLT 19

house baked rosemary & chili focaccia, market tomato,

peppered Irving's Farm bacon, butter lettuce, pesto mayo,

comes with green salad OR pommes dauphin


Classic Brekky  15

two eggs any style, Irving's Farm bacon or breakfast sausage,

sourdough, whipped brown butter, house made jam


Brussels Sprouts 18

crispy brussels, Irving’s Farm bacon, pickled apple,

 rosemary vinaigrette, Greidanus honey, 

aged cheddar crisp


Green Salad 12

local greens, citrus thyme vinaigrette, shaved red onion,

toasted seeds, radish, pepperoncini, manchego (vg, gf))

Shakshouka 17

two eggs poached in tomato & pepper sauce, pickled onion,

fromage blanc, 'nduja oil, sourdough, herbs


Beet Flatbread 25

house-made sourdough crust, beet jam, roasted garlic, 

roasted beets, smoked goat cheese, wild arugula (vg)


Banana Bread Waffle 16

chocolate chip banana bread waffle,

candied walnut banana butter, oat crumble, maple syrup

Maldon salt (vg)


Chai Apple French Toast 18

cinnamon roll French toast, caramelized green apple,

chai pastry cream, caramel, oat crumble (vg) 


Chai Bun 10

black tea glaze, orange zest, mascarpone mousse (vg)



served with a green salad

Fried Chicken Benny 19

Korean fried chicken, gochujang sauce, two poached eggs,

chili crisp, hollandaise, green onion

Mushroom Benny 18

house baked English muffin, leek jam, oyster mushroom,

two poached eggs, truffle hollandaise (vg)

Pork Belly Benny 20

savoury bread pudding, Irving's Farm pork belly, green apple,

two poached eggs, brown butter hollandaise

Salmon Benny 20

house baked English muffin, smoked salmon,

whipped dill cream cheese, shaved red onion,

two poached eggs, brown butter hollandaise, fried capers



AAdd an egg to anything  3

cooked any style

Sourdough Toast & Jam 8

Irving's Farm Sausage  5

Irving’s Farm Bacon (3pc) 5

Rosemary & Chili Focaccia 5


Our menu items are designed to be

shared and enjoyed together



Charcuterie half 27  full 52 

    Locally Sourced Meats: Chef’s choice of 3

    Locally Sourced Cheeses: Chef’s choice of 3

   brown sugar pickles, pickled grapes, chutney, fruit mustard, 

candied nuts, dried fruit, house-made sourdough, 

whipped brown butter, Maldon salt


Smoked Olives 8

toasted coriander, orange, thyme, garlic (gf, v)


Bread & Butter 8

house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter, Maldon salt (vg)


Garlic Butter Fries 11

black garlic, confit garlic, herbs, farm, roasted citrus aioli (vg)


Arancini 16

caramelized fennel, orange, Lakeside Farmstead fromage blanc,

greens, citrus thyme vinaigrette (vg)

Roasted Feta  18

harissa marinated pan roasted feta, charred peppers,

peperoncini vinaigrette, pickled onion, flatbread (vg)


Butterleaf Wedge 17

green goddess dressing, boiled egg, Lakeside Farmstead cheddar,

chili crisp, Irving's Farm bacon, cherry tomato, herbs (gf)


Green Salad 12

local greens, citrus thyme vinaigrette, shaved red onion,

toasted seeds, radish, pepperoncini, manchego (vg, gf)

Mushroom Crispy Rice  18

crispy rice, glazed mushrooms, egg yolk, chili crisp, furikake (vg, gf)


Rotating Soup 12

ask your server for details (gf)

Brussels Sprouts 18

crispy brussels, Irvings Farm bacon, pickled apple, 

rosemary vinaigrette, Greidanus honey, aged cheddar crisp

Meat & Seafood

KFC 21

crispy fried gochugaru yogurt marinated chicken thighs,

gochujang sauce, scallion ranch dressing, black garlic kimchi

PEI Mussels 22

green curry, coconut milk, pickled chili, crispy leek,

herbs, grilled bread 

Shrimp Boa 17

jerk marinated Effing prawns, jerk mayo, steam bun,

coconut, mango, radish, herbs

Lamb Lettuce Wraps 22

slow cooked lamb shoulder, pomegranate molasses, tomato chutney,

charred eggplant tahini, pickled turnip, her & cucumber salad,

local lettuce (gf)

Alberta Beef MP

local beef, ask server for details

Pasta & Flatbreads

Fromage Blan Gnudi 20

Lakeside Farmstead forage blanc & spinach dumplings, basil pesto,

grana padan, chili butter, crispy bread crumbs (vg)

Shortrib Ravioli 17

red wine braised short rib, parsnip cream, sage brown butter,

pickled mustard seed, crispy bread crumb, grana padano


'Nduja Flatbread 23

VDG 'nduja, fior di latte, aged cheddar, rosemary béchamel,

basil pesto, truffle honey


Beet Flatbread 25

house-made sourdough crust, beet jam, roasted garlic, roasted beets,

smoked goat cheese, wild arugula (vg) 

gf - gluten free   vg - vegetarian   v - vegan




Strawberry Coconut Tart 14

almond tart, coconut cream, fresh strawberries (vg, gf)

Sunshine Cake  14

vanilla sponge cake, citrus curd, yogurt cream (vg)

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies 8

(gluten free available) (vg)

Ice Cream Sandwich 14

house made chocolate chip pecan cookies,

Davinci vanilla gelato (vg)

Cheese Plate 13

Locally Sourced Cheeses: Chef’s choice of 3, 

pickled grapes, sweet n’ spicy nuts, dried fruit (vg)

gf - gluten free   vg - vegetarian   v - vegan

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