Muewly’s Cured Meats: Chef's Choice of 3

Paddy's International Cheeses: Chef's Choice of 3

Preserves & Pickles: house-made pickles, pickled grapes, chutney,

spiced candied nuts, figs

Bread: house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter, Maldon salt


Marinated Olives

toasted coriander, orange, thyme, garlic (v, gf)

Bread & Butter

house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter, Maldon salt (vg)


Pommes Dauphine

 brown butter mayo, harissa lime aioli (vg)


Brussels Sprouts

crispy brussels, bacon lardon, pickled apple, rosemary honey vinaigrette,

aged cheddar crisp


chorizo spiced roasted cauliflower, poblano coconut cream,

radish, pickled onion, cilantro (gf, v)


Roasted Peach Panzanella

roasted peach, heirloom tomatoes, shaved red onion, cucumber,

basil, tomato caper vinaigrette, brown butter crouton, whiskey cheddar (vg)


Ricotta Gnocchi

Meuwly's n'duja salami, sun-dried tomato cream, pistachios, garlic chips


Mac & Cheese

bacon, aged cheddar, mozzarella, toasted panko

Beet Flatbread

house-made sourdough crust, beet jam, roasted garlic, roasted beet,

smoked goat cheese, arugula (vg)

Bear & Flower Pork Belly

brined & roasted crispy pork belly, smoked maple syrup,

pickled green tomato puree, sweet n’ salty walnuts, apple

Beef Rib

 slow roasted beef back ribs, haskap BBQ sauce,

sour cream & onion french fries, malt vinegar mayo

Fried Chicken

poached & fried drumsticks, maple kimchi butter, brown sugar pickles

Ocean Odyssey Cod

pan roasted Icelandic cod loin, creamed oyster mushrooms, charred corn,

brown butter, lemon, parsley, crispy capers, wild arugula




Haskap Galette

oat & nut crumble, cream cheese ice cream, honey sauce


Grapefruit Almond Cake

flourless almond cake, spiced grapefruit jam, sour cream mousse

candied grapefruit, amaretto roasted almonds, grapefruit coulis (gf)

Peach Chocolate Tart

chocolate pate sucree, bourbon peach compote,

Valhrona chocolate ganache, sponge toffee, sugared peaches


Cheese Plate

Paddy's International Cheese: Chef's Choice of 3

house-made pickled grapes, spiced candied nuts, figs

vg - vegetarian      gf - gluten free       v - vegan

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