Toast & Jam

house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter,

house-made jam (vg)


Cinnamon Rolls

Joyce's cinnamon rolls, maple syrup,

cream cheese mascarpone icing (vg)

Coddled Egg

smoked cauliflower puree, gently poached free-range egg,

maple syrup, egg, pickled shallot, house-made sourdough (vg)


Hasselback Potatoes

 Little Potato Company crispy fingerlings, brunch spice,

green onion, smoked tomato jam (vg)


Brussels Sprouts

crispy Brussels, Irving's bacon, pickled apple, rosemary vinaigrette,

aged cheddar crisp

Soft-fried Egg Add-on

Meuwly's Sausage

custom Meuwly's sausage, fermented blackberry mustard,

red cabbage salad, orange coriander & maple vinaigrette (gf)


Strawberry Processo Salad

seasonal berries, prosecco marinated melon, roasted pickled grapes,

Alberta greens, celery, strawberry prosecco vinaigrette,

Wookey Hole cheddar, toasted seeds (gf, vg)


Breakfast Sandwich

Meuwly's smoked pastrami, over-easy duck egg, caramelized onion mayo,

pickled green tomato, arugula, fresh baked brioche bun


Dutch Baby

strawberry rhubarb compote, macerated strawberries, mint,

oat crumble, mascarpone mousse (vg)

Eggs Benedict

savoury bread pudding, slow roasted maple glazed Irving's pork belly,

poached free-range egg, granny smith apple, carrot hollandaise

Rotating Flatbread

changes weekly


Mimosa  single | flight

Prosecco, fruit juice, simple syrup

flavours: orange, pineapple basil, mango ginger, passionfruit pomegranate,

strawberry-rhubarb lavender, watermelon mint

Saskatoon Raspberry Lemonade

Troubled Monk Saskatoon Liqueur, District Distillery Raspberry Vodka,

raspberry simple syrup, Troubled Monk Saskatoon Soda, lemon juice


red or white wine, fruit juice, soda

Tryst Caesar

hickory smoked sea salt rim, District Distillery Vodka,

house-made fresno chili pickle juice, Worcestershire,

pickled fresno, Irving's Farm bacon

Elderflower Spritz

St. Germaine's Elderflower Liqueur, Prosecco, soda

Hot Boozy Coffee

Grand Marnier, Amaretto, Kahlua, whipped cream

Canadian Irish Coffee

Sweet Sippin' Canadian Maple Whiskey,

Bailey's Irish Cream, whipped Cream

Blueberry Tea

Grand Marnier, Amaretto, black tea

Banana Hazelnut Hot Chocolate

Bumbu rum, Frangelico, steamed milk, chocolate bomb




Muewly’s Cured Meats: Chef's Choice of 3

Paddy's International Cheeses: Chef's Choice of 3

Preserves & Pickles: house-made brown sugar pickles, pickled grapes,

chutney, candied nuts, figs

Bread & Butter: house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter, Maldon salt


Marinated Olives

toasted coriander, orange, thyme, garlic (v, gf)

Bread & Butter

house-made sourdough, whipped brown butter, Maldon salt (vg)


Hasselback Potatoes

 Little Potato Company crispy fingerlings, Wookey Hole cheddar, lemon,

garlic & dill oil, Meuwly's n'duja sausage aioli, caramelized onion mayo


Brussels Sprouts

crispy Brussels, Irving's bacon, pickled apple, rosemary vinaigrette,

aged cheddar crisp

Beef Tartare

hand cut AAA Alberta beef tenderloin, Russian dressing, Wookey Hole cheddar,

brown sugar pickles, soft poached egg, celery, sourdough crisp


Kitchen Sink Salad

Fresh Flavour Farms lettuce, kale, roasted broccoli vinaigrette, charred broccoli,

pickled peppers, spicy candied nuts, Micro Eats sprouts, roasted seeds,

le 1608 cheese, radish crisp, Galimax cherry tomatoes (vg)


Ricotta Gnocchi

Meuwly's n'duja salami, sun-dried tomato cream, pistachios,

garlic chips, grano padano


Rotating Soup

posted weekly on our website and social media

Beet Flatbread

house-made sourdough crust, beet jam, roasted garlic, roasted beet,

smoked goat cheese, wild arugula (vg)

Ham & Kale Flatbread

house-made sourdough crust, spicy tomato sauce, kale, Le 1608 cheese, Meuwly’s Westfalia ham, pickled apple, basil

Mussels Masala

Salt Spring mussels, house-made Masala sauce, apple ginger cider, pickled chilies,

cilantro cream,  house-made sourdough bread

Effing Fish

prosecco battered seasonal Effing Seafoods fish, piccalilli, apple and fennel slaw

Pork Shoulder Lettuce Wraps

24 hour sous-vide Irvings Farm pork shoulder, rhubarb hoisin, lemongrass mayo,

pickled carrots, pickled Galimax peppers, crispy shallots, herbs, butter leaf lettuce

Fried Chicken

poached & fried chicken, maple kimchi butter,

brown sugar pickles, blue cheese dip

Lamb Ribs

 maple & espresso braised SunGold Farms lamb ribs, ras el hanout,

roasted garlic cream, pomegranate glaze, mint, pine nuts, pickled turnip




Raspberry Red Velvet Cake

raspberry cremeux and dark chocolate mousse dome, mascarpone whip,

raspberry chocolate bark, freeze dried raspberries (gf)


Coconut Honey Cake

toasted coconut Italian buttercream, honey cardamom syrup, coconut whip,

fresh berries, YEG Honeycomb

Roasted Carrot Cake Doughnuts

roasted carrot curd, pineapple cream cheese whip,

toasted coconut and walnuts, pineapple glass

Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies

two house-made cookies

(nut and gluten free available)


Cheese Plate

Paddy's International Cheese: Chef's Choice of 3

Tryst pickled grapes, candied nuts, figs

vg - vegetarian      gf - gluten free       v - vegan



Lobetia Tempranillo, Spain                                  

Argento Malbec, Argentina

La Petite Perriere Pinot Noir, Chile

J. Lohr Cypress Cabernet Sauvignon, USA

Tareni Nero D’Avola, Italy

Opta Dao, Portugal

OZV Zinfandel, USA

Romain Duvernay Plan de Dieu, France

Shannon Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, USA

Summerhill Merlot, Canada

Boen tri Appellation Pinot Noir, USA

Mastro Janni Rosso di Montalcino, Italy

Allegrini Amarone, Italy


Argento Chardonnay, Argentina

BREE Riesling, Germany

La Petite Perriere Sauvignon Blanc, France

Gemma di Luna Pinot Grigio, Italy

R. Duvernay Cotes du Rhone, France

Gobelsburg Riesling, Austria


Ma Terre Provence, France

Alive by Summerhill, Canada


Carpene Malvolti Prosecco, Italy (200mL)

Bollinger Special Cuvée, France

Rotating Cork

Every week we offer by the glass service on one of our red and white wines that are usually only sold by the bottle.  This allows are guests the opportunity to enjoy different wines that they might not otherwise. You may find a new favourite!


Old Fashioned

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, simple syrup, angostura bitters


Simply Smashing

Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Grand Marnier, lemon, simple syrup


Sabertooth District

T-Rex Sabertooth Rye, District Distillery Raspberry Vodka,

raspberry syrup, lemon, sugar rim


Ginger Pear Martini

Grey Goose Pear Vodka, King’s Ginger Liqueur, simple syrup, lime


Cheeky Peach

District Distillery Peach Vodka, Hansen Peach Moonshine,

simple syrup, lemon, peaches


Spice Margarita

Cazadores Tequila, cinnamon clove apple syrup,

cinnamon sugar and salt rim


Dirty Shirley

Cazadores Tequila, orange juice, sprite, Grenadine


Gin & Tonic Float

T-Rex Herbivore Gin, India tonic, house-made sorbet

(ask your server for current sorbet flavour)



T-Rex Sabertooth Rye, maple syrup, egg white,

lemon, angostura bitters


Elderflower Spritz

St. Germaine’s Elderflower Liqueur, prosecco, soda


On Tap

Endeavour Brewing Rotating Tap

Blindman Brewing Rotating Tap



Blindman Five of Diamonds Pilsner

Blindman Kettle Sour

Blindman Triphammer Robust Porter

Endeavour Lost Flip Flop

                                                                                  Endeavour Express ESB                                                                                  

Endeavour Sudden Draft IPA

Okanagan Apple Cider

Stiegl Radler

Stella Artois



After Dinner Drinks

Hot Boozy Coffee

Grand Marnier, Disaronno, Kahlua, whipped cream, caramel drizzle


Canadian Irish Coffee

maple whiskey, Bailey’s Irish cream, whipped cream, caramel drizzle


Quinta de la Rosa Port


Late Bottled Vintage 2014

10-year Tawny